Everyday Heroes

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It seems as though it’s always during times of adversity that heroes emerge from otherwise everyday people, and this story more than justifies that sentiment. A father shields his four children from a hail of bullets, only to lose his life. His four-year-old son was shot in the head and later died. Two other children are critically wounded, and another managed to get away unharmed. The gunman, who also set the house on fire, apparently then took his own life.

The story is heartbreaking, to say the least, and it’s just one of many similar stories that depict events like this that occur every day. Too many questions will be left unanswered, and what can be answered will surely lead to more questions. However, one thing is certain – the parents of these children are nothing short of true heroes. A father who didn’t think twice about jumping on top of his children amidst a barrage of bullets in an effort to save their lives, sacrificing his own, and a mother who, despite being shot in both legs, found the strength to carry her dying son out of the house.

It’s a scene that no parent should ever have to envision themselves being a part of.

We could spend days, weeks, or even months analyzing, questioning, and trying to find reasoning for violent acts like this, especially those against children, or we could take that time to remind ourselves of the unspoken vow that we take as parents to protect our children – a vow that both of these parents honored with dignity, bravery, and selflessness. It restores a little bit of hope for the world to know that there are parents who cherish and appreciate the gift that they were given.

These children now undoubtedly have a lifetime of heartache ahead of them, but they can rest assured knowing they were in good hands throughout this ordeal, and will continue to be moving forward. They can carry with them the honor and respect that their parents deserve for making the ultimate sacrifice, acting out of love and instinct, in a situation that provided no time to make a decision.

Then again, they had already subconsciously made that decision.

Just like the rest of us.


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